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I'm David Duignan a professional portrait and wedding photographer but I've also been producing baby hand & feet casts since 2010.

As a photographer specialising in people photography - see, traditionally I'd have babies in the studio every week for baby and family portraits.  After seeing a set of baby casts that friends of mine had done for their new baby, I got the idea that not only could I do the same but I could produce a much better product with a professional portrait, using higher quality Irish made frames.

So after going to London to learn how to produce the casts professionally, and then a lot of practice, I launched my baby hand and feet casting business in March 2010.  Since then I've produced baby casts for hundreds of proud parents all over Ireland and abroad. 

What makes my casts different from all the rest aside from the quality, is the fact that because I'm a professional photographer I can ensure that a beautiful photograph is included in your frame.  Having a wonderful photograph is a perfect compliment to go along with your baby's casts.  A moment in time captured perfectly.  

You can of course opt for the baby casts without a photo session and just supply me with the photo that you want to be inserted into your frame.  


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