How long does the photo session and casting session take?
If you are just simply having 2 feet casted with no photo approx 20 minutes as I will have everything set up and ready before you arrive.  If you are having a portrait included you will need to allow up to 1 to 2 hours depending on how many limbs you are having casted.  This may seem like a long time but we all know babies may suddenly demand a feed or need a nappy changed.  Taking a perfect photo can take 1 minute or 45 minutes. Basically, if your baby is calm it won't take long.  Most clients are in and out with their baby within 90 minutes for a photo and casting session having also taken time for feeding, changing, undressing and dressing their little one.

Where does it take place?
For baby casting sessions you will need to come to me and I am located in Main Street, Dunshaughlin, Co Meath with ample free parking right outside the front door. So am close to Dublin and the major roads, M1, M3, M4, M50 etc.. 

What is used to take the moulds? Is it safe?
It is completely safe and harmless. The material used for life-casting mould making is an organic product made from brown seaweed called alginate. Since its discovery in the 1800′s, it has been used by life casters and is now also used in the food, textile and cosmetic industries. However, it’s main use is within the medical industry where it is used by dentists to create impressions of patients gums/teeth. So it is completely safe to use externally on skin.

Will the casting be a guaranteed success?
Whilst I can guarantee the successful outcome of feet, hands are a different issue and cannot always be guaranteed to come out successfully. This is due to the fact that wriggly fingers and mould making are not a good combination! Also, later during production when peeling the mould away from the set cast, the semi-dry fingers can very easily be broken as they are extremely fragile. As a rule of thumb, the younger the baby the greater the chance of creating a good hand cast (ideally less than 6 mths). However, if we find that a cast has not been successful, we will simply arrange to do it again. In all my time producing casts, this has rarely happened.

Unfortunately hand casts for older babies are practically impossible as they need to immerse their hand into the mould without moving their fingers for at least 40 seconds. See bottom of page – “Can anything go wrong with the casts?”

What if my child has dry skin or eczema?
I recommend that you bring whatever cream you normally use to moisturise your child’s skin and we will just apply a little prior to taking the mould.

Can I have my casts without a frame?
The frame is integral to the design of the casts I supply. The frame also protects the casts. As a result I don’t supply the casts without a frame.

How long until I can collect the finished cast?
Generally about 3 weeks from the time of the casting session. This duration reflects the amount of time and work that goes into making each unique cast. During this time you will need to choose your photograph to be included in the frame. You will be able to choose your photograph from a private online gallery which will contain a selection of the best images from the photo shoot.

Can my casts be ready quicker?
Each cast goes through a very specific process which includes controlled drying, cleaning, painting, patination, and assembly. The delivery time is determined by this process. Unfortunately this means I cannot prepare the finished product any sooner.

When do I pay?
A 50% deposit is required at the time of your casting session. The remaining 50% balance is required on collection of your completed framed cast.

Can I change the colour of the cast or frame?
Yes, providing you inform me strictly within 10 days of the casting session. Please email me to confirm any changes.

My friend is having a baby, how can I arrange to get casts done?
You can buy a baby cast gift voucher online from my site. You just need to choose which of the two frame sizes you want to purchase & the number of limbs to be casted. Click here to purchase.

Can you duplicate the casts?
I’m afraid not. Each cast is produced from an original mould which can only be used once to produce one single cast. Therefore if you want additional casts, please inform me at the time of the casting session as I will need to take additional moulds then.

Baby advice.   As a general rule, babies are happier in the morning, so I suggest you book a time then or when your baby is generally at his or her best.  Please bring sufficient milk as it is most likely that we will need to feed your baby whilst we are taking  the moulds of his/her hands as a distraction.  

Toddler advice. Casting is not suited for toddlers as I need your toddler to keep their little fingers and/or toes completely still for about 40 seconds whilst I take the mould of the hand or foot. In reality, that is far too much of an ask of even the best behaved toddlers.

Can I have my older kids hands or feet casted?
Currently we only offer this service for babies up to about 8 months old.

Can anything go wrong with the casts?
Until the cast has set and the mould broken away, it is not always possible to tell if a cast has been successful. However, feet are generally not a problem and are nearly always a success. Hands are more difficult to produce and therefore a successful cast cannot be guaranteed for a hand regardless of the age of the child – different ages present different problems. Although I use a method to reduce them, air bubbles can easily occur in a hand cast and/or fingers can be easily broken off when peeling the mould away from the cast. This may or may not be repairable.

If we opt for the photo session, can we purchase additional prints?
Yes of course. Prints and or frames prints are possible. Click here for the options.

Can we have a family photo or photos of our older kids taken whilst we are with you?
No problem. However, I do need to know in advance if you wish to schedule this so that I can allocate additional studio time.

When is the best time to photograph young babies?

All babies are different but generally the best time to photograph young babies (aside from new born) is from about 18/20 weeks old onwards. This is when their neck muscles have gained enough strength to enable them to lift their head for a few short moments whilst laying on their tummy. The test here is to put them laying on their tummy and if they can lift their head off the ground and support it for a few moments – they are ready. This gives us more options to get a lovely shot. If they can’t raise their head, wait for a few more weeks whilst allowing few minutes tummy time each day.

How should we dress our baby for the photos?

Preferably don’t..! I generally shoot babies ‘au natural’ (well we do keep on the nappy in case of accidents). Clothes no matter how well fitting at this age tend to ‘swamp’ babies and just don’t look good. It is far better to go for a completely natural look and take everything off. Whilst we will leave the nappy on, if it is potentially going to be in the shot, I will cover it with a with a little fleece or blanket. Generally for my baby cast photos, I really concentrate on the face as opposed to full body shots.

Having said that, if you prefer to have your baby clothed for the photoshoot, then that is ok.

My baby has bad acne and/or cradle cap. You can just Photoshop that out - right?

Well - no. Not really. There is a general mis-conception out there that by just pressing a button in Photoshop every imperfection that we want removed or fixed within a photo just magically disappears or fixes itself instantly. Sometimes, even for slight skin rashes or blemishes a huge amount of time is required within the photoshoot application to try and fix the issue. A few small blemishes here and there are fine as are scratches, but if there is heavy acne then you really need to schedule the casting/photo session when it has cleared up. Cradle cap is virtually impossible to remove so unless you are happy for it to remain in the photo, you will need to reschedule the session until such a time that it disappears. If you re unsure, please discuss with me prior to scheduling your photo session.



All portraits are kept on file for 6 months to allow you to order professional prints at a later date.

Each baby cast is an individually hand-crafted item and therefore inconsistencies from display samples and previously purchased items will naturally occur.

Delivery Time – all completed framed casts will be available for collection within about 3 weeks.

Payment – 50% deposit is required at the time of your casting session. The remaining balance is required on collection of your completed framed cast.

I accept Cash, Mastercard, Visa Debit or Bank transfer (payment must be cleared before collection).

Under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000 the copyright of any photograph, image or works belongs to and remains with David J Duignan Photography. David J Duignan reserves the right to use any of the images captured at the shoot or event in all locations on the David J Duignan web site, portfolio, literature, display areas, exhibitions, competitions, advertising, videos or slide shows for David J Duignan's promotional purposes. The Client shall grant David J Duignan permission to display any copyrighted images for promotional purposes without payment of any fee.

Screen-printing, copying, scanning or reproducing images by any means is strictly prohibited.